About Us

Gayathri Foods is a Grocery Store in Brookfield, Wisconsin (WI) that
stocks all the general Grocery items used in Indian cooking like Dals
(Lentils), Spices, Rice, Flours, Canned and Pickled items, Frozen Indian
dishes, Indian Sweets, Utensils, etc.
Having the right spices  and ingredients in your kitchen will help you get started to try out 
the wonderful Indian recipes. At Gayathri Foods, we offer almost all of
the spices and grains that are necessary for Indian cooking.
At our store, we even sell a several fresh vegetables and Bollywood DVDs
of the latest Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil movies that are not available at
your regular block buster aisles.
Finally, Gayathri Foods is  not just about buying food & renting movies. It's also the place to 
get advice about what the good neighbourhoods are, how to find an
apartment, to meeting Indian people, make some Indian friends, and even
employment and much more.